Riot 069 organizes non-commercial concerts in Frankfurt, Grrrlmany which are related to riot grrrl, queercore, critical whiteness and antiracism.

Women, LGBTI people and people of color are marginalized and discriminated in a heteronormative and racist society as a whole – and in music-related subcultures as well. Riot 069 wants to empower them to go on stage and raise their voices.

For applying musicians

Riot 069 has a feminist background and gigs are performed in squats or other counter-public spaces. Therefore, Riot 069 has a few rules you should know:
+Applying bands/acts should consist of at least 50% women, intersexuals and/or trans*people (by self-definition).
+Bands consisting of male musicians only are welcome too – they should be related to feminist and queer issues (e.g. antisexist lyrics, drag performances, queer core bands).
+No Keffiyehs. These are antisemitic symbols.
+No German national symbols. Go to the mainstream shitholes if you wanna praise Germany.
+No rude dancing, including rough pogo. There may be shy people around or persons who experienced a violent past. So have a ball, but please stay respectful – pushing people is not.

There are no limits in styles of music. Riot 069 ‚collects‘ applying bands/acts and tries to organize a gig with similar music. This means, when you‘re making rock/punk, you can have a gig quite soon, for there a plenty of rock bands. When you do minimal opera singing with two chirping canaries and a beatboxing walrus, it may take a while to find supporting bands that fit your style ;)

Experience doesn‘t matter. It can be your first gig ever or your zillionst- who cares as long as you and the audience have fun?

What Riot 069 offers to musicians

Please keep in mind that the gigs are fully non-commercial, so you‘ll hardly make any money. However, we offer:
+A place to stay for the night
+Warm meal at the date of arrival and breakfast before you leave
+You can sell merchandise
+Travel costs can be paid back if you give us the bill for gas, your tickets etc.
+Door deal
+Support to find other gigs for your tour


Mail us: riot069(AT)gmx(DOT)de
Please send us some information: Links to your music, rider, approximate travel costs etc. It may take a few days for us to answer, since we have to do a lot of networking and we all work voluntarily in our free time, as well as most of the people we are connected to.

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